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*Limited operations and services, please contact the hotel at 671-646-1835 or email, for information on services and operations available. While in paradise, we invite you to experience a redefined level of comfort and luxury. Relax and indulge with the finest offerings at The Tasi, our "hotel within a hotel" Breathtaking ocean views, exclusive benefits and pampered service defines The Tasi.


The Tasi Lounge

Featuring nightly cocktails, The Tasi Lounge offers dishes with a blend of local ingredients. Promoting the island heritage, The Tasi Lounge showcases nightly cultural demonstrations exclusively for The Tasi guests.

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The Tasi Exclusive Benefits

To add to the comfort and experience of your exclusive stay, we invite you to enjoy The Tasi Reserve and benefits.

  • Refreshments | Tea & Coffee
  • Cocktail and Appetizers
  • Cultural Experience in The Tasi Lounge
  • Exclusive discounts at the Islander Terrace

Tasi Reserve

Cultural Night

Tasi Reserve Pool

The Tasi Reserve

  • Tasi guests receive exclusive benefits.

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